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About Us

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Frames & Images Inc. is a custom picture framing shop and Contract Framing manufacturer that has been in business for 21 years. It is independently owned and operated. The company operated at 440 Cedar Bluff  Rd., Knoxville, TN beginning March 1, 1996.  After an 11 year stint, the company was relocated to 9215 Middlebrook Pk. effective, November 30, 2006.   Effective September 30, 2009, we transitioned to a By Appointment Only format.

Design Center

The store layout consists of a consultation area and manufacturing shop under separate roof. All framing and matting is conducted at our offsite frame manufacturing shop. Custom framing is Frames & Images only business, not a sideline. The shop is fully computerized and uses the finest equipment and materials. High efficiency and low overhead allow Frames & Images to offer consistent, everyday low prices on a very high-end product and service. The company is constantly striving to find the best value in materials, the latest design ideas, and other innovations. Frames & Images combines creative talent, attention to detail, quality workmanship, and lots of old fashion hard work to deliver outstanding value to its customers.

Contract Framing

Frames & Images now offers comprehensive gallery management and wholesale framing services to artists and other gallery operators who seek excellent quality, reliability, and competitive prices.


See why we are the best Custom Frame Shop!

Experience Matters

Ann has designed over 10,000 pieces during an 18 year career.  She combines her artistic talent, experience, and listening skills to consistently produce exemplary designs that thrill customers.  When you bring your artwork to Ann for framing, you are benefiting from her expert knowledge, artistic talent, and depth of experience.  Her goal is to exceed every customer's expectations with custom framing services that wow.  Her reputation as one of the leading framers in the region is without equal.  She recognizes that if you have something custom framed, "you want it done right and at the best possible price."  Your complete satisfaction is her first priority.  

Eclectic Collection

Frames & Images offers a variety of framed pieces from leading artists.  Each is uniquely matted and framed to enhance the artwork.  The pieces double as a source of ideas for your design too.  Ann is especially adept in the use of fancy mat cuts, fillets, marble papers, and other add-ons that make each piece distinctive.  Industry experts and suppliers who have visited Frames & Images have commented on many occasions that the framing designs and workmanship are "the best they have seen."


We Tackle Difficult Projects

A local "bigbox competitor" often refers complex framing projects to Frames & Images because they know that we know how to get the job done right.  Shadow boxes, memorabilia, complex multi-openings, jerseys, oversize pieces, you name it, we frame it!  If we do such a great job on the tough projects, just think how good we must do on the typical items.  At Frames & Images, framing is not a sideline, it's all that we do.  We are the best and we are always learning how to get better.


Limited Edition Prints

We offer a carefully selected inventory of prints, posters, and originals.  We tend to stock mainstream works of leading artists.  We hold several dealerships and have network affiliations with secondary markets, publishers, suppliers, and collectors around the world.  Yes, we can help you find that image, often while you wait through our DSL-powered Internet connection.  Our on-line gallery features the works of East Tennessee artists.


Heavily Leverage Computer Technology

Our proprietary FrameX point-of-sale database system operates on a network of computers that manage your custom framing order from the day it is placed to the day that you pick up the completed piece.  This system gives us a significant competitive edge to boost our efficiency and reduce costs.   It also allows us to price your order on-the-fly.  Your price quote is dynamically calculated as you ponder the use of various options.  That way there is no surprise at the end of the design consultation phase.  Yes, we provide free written estimates.


The Right Equipment

Our top-of-the-line 14" twin blade saw produces superior miter joints for even the largest mouldings.  The difference can be seen in our completed frames.  There are no gaps in our joints.  Our V-nailers ensure tight joints with no nail holes.  Wall cutters, choppers, heat presses....we have it all and we own the best.


Computerized Mat Cutter

Our computerized mat cutter (CMC) has become an indispensable addition to our production line.  It consistently produces mat cuts that are superior in quality to hand cut mats.  The technology enables us to produce mats with letters of the alphabet, logos, and more.  We integrate the full capabilities of this exciting technology with all of our designs to produce pieces that would be impossible or cost-prohibitive to do with manual techniques.  We have mastered advanced CAD skills that allow us to produce mats that the others envy.  Any shop can buy a CMC, but not every shop can leverage its capabilities to raise the bar for creativity like we have.



Frames & Images

Revised: September 26, 2009.